Messaging services are the new form of digital communication. Over 1 Billion people a month are using Facebook Messenger to talk.
The next generation of artist marketing has arrived. Bot1 is the best and quickest way to launch your artist bot. Cut through the noise and reach your fans in an interactive and engaging way using our platform that integrates with your existing channels and gives your fans a central hub to find and interact with your music, videos, merchandise, tickets, news, and social posts.
Bot1’s breakthrough technology makes it easy to launch push notification campaigns. Create conversations around your merchandise, digital content, and promotions with our easy to use tools. Our dashboard provides new deep insights that help you better understand your audience to find keywords and content that drives sales.
1The New Frontier
Launching your chatbot has never been easier or more important. Over 2 billion people are using Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms each month to communicate and share rich media with friends. Bot1 offers a powerful way for you to launch a bot that reaches current and new groups of fans and shoppers on messaging platforms. Connect with your audience directly, through conversation, on a platform where they are already active.
2Cut Through The Noise
Emails, websites, and social posts are passive. Sending promotional emails and sharing content on your brand’s social channels barely reaches your consumers. Email inboxes are filled with spam, and the overcrowded social feeds make it difficult for your audience to see your posts. Bot1 allows you to cut through the noise and send custom, mixed-media push notifications directly to your audience on Messenger.
3Conversational Commerce
Consumers are relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication, whether personal, business, or commercial. Increasingly, consumers are using chat to find and select products and services, and to complete the payment process, all without having to call, email, or even visit a brand’s website. Bot1 integrates with your Shopify, Magento, or other preferred e-commerce provider to allow your customers to browse and buy directly from Messenger with a one-click checkout.
4Don’t Ignore Your Fans
The passive approach to content distribution isn’t cutting it. Fans are constantly sending messages to artists but rarely receive a response. Bot1 allows you to automatically reply when fans leave a comment or when they interact with your content.
Made for Entertainment Brands
Engineered with entertainers in mind, Bot1 makes it easy for artists, athletes, and influencers to launch their bot. Update your communication strategy and use our tools to build interactive campaigns for your music, videos, and merchandise that drive engagement and increase sales.
AI Powered Insight
Our AI-driven tools help you gain a deep understanding of each consumer as a unique individual. These insights - based on consumers’ actions - help you micro-target and appeal to the motivations, needs, and interests of your audience. Identify trends and use predictive targeting to make it easier for your audience to find the content and merchandise they want.
Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry. Bot1 comes from the team that brought you Stashimi, the smart content aggregator for entertainers. Our optimized bot platform connects with your existing channels and makes launching your chatbot quick and easy. We’ll automatically aggregate your music (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud), videos (YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo), tickets (TicketMaster, SeatGeek, Facebook Events), merchandise (Shopify, Magento, FullScreen Direct), and more to keep your bot updated and engaging in real-time.
Dedicated Team of Experts
Our team is comprised of entertainment and technology experts who understand the goals and needs of marketers and entertainers. We have years of experience developing marketing strategies and technologies for major entertainment brands, record labels, management companies and agents.
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